Serious Southwest Henna Conference 2002

Mercury R. Henna hosts
Rangoli After Rain

Sunday Morning of the Serious Southwest Henna Conference was dedicated to the art of Rangoli. After a delightful and detailed historical and cultural lecture, Catherine Cartwright-Jones did a demo (see picture series at the end) and then masa was let loose on the campgrounds!

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To see more pictures of the events, visit Shel's Page

Alissa took off with her lovely pattern using pinecones (and legs!!). After all the rangoli-ing was done, we carefully swept the design back into the earth to allow the little ants and bugs to feast on masa and carry our wishes, hopes, dreams and prayers into the smallest corners of the universe.

Catherine's rangoli pattern incorporated little fallen berries. Later, while we learned about the art and its history, Little Cat headed up a group of children who surrounded the rangoli- they were completely drawn to it! (that picture coming soon)

Chris worked patiently on an intricate design from Catherine's (not a necessity she says, but you GOTTA have one!) excellent course packet. "Slow and patient" I believe was Chris's comment on how she got her lovely work done! Click on the picture to see the completed project- just in the nick of time!

A group effort from Larry and Lorry, with Lorry in command of course (Rangoli is a Girl Thing, eh) incorporated pinecones and was nicely snuggled in between a few trees.

Shel worked on a circle contained design at the edge of our lecture site, while her Little Cat rangoli-ed up a storm at the lecture point with the 'wet' rangoli. It's contained in a carrot bag and is much like henna to work with.

Here's a pic of Little Cat working with the masa. Shel has quite a young artist on her hands; willing to cover every inch of herself in henna designs! And she's got *dreamy* henna coloured hair.

Catherine's wet mix Rangoli growing. Visit Catherine's site to see the grand rangoli she did.
"Rangoli," Catherine says, "is just as addictive as henna."

Mercury Retrograde Henna accompanied me on the long journey to Albuquerque. I bought him at the airport because he is sooo soft, but didn't have a name for him. The mercurial events of the conferenceled me to believe that the most appropriate name for him was one which suited the astrological stresses of the weekend events. He now sits here at my work desk eyeing me with unabashed love. His services as Serious Southwest mascot are now hopefully world renowned. And he much appreciates all the pats on top his fuzzy little mohawked head.



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